RO Membrane Biocide

RO Membrane Biocide

RO Membrane Biocide is a safe and effective non-oxidative biocide with broad spectrum. Biocide for RO Membrane won’t cause hidden troubles like bromine, iodine, peroxide and other drugs on the reverse osmosis film system . Instead, RO Membrane Biocide can effectively inhibit microorganism from growing and attaching to the reverse osmosis film system, so as to reduce the pollution and prolong the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane.

Due to the unique chemical properties of RO Membrane Biocide, small dosage in use can take the bactericidal effect with great rapidity, RO Membrane Biocide is particularly suitable for reverse osmosis systems that are plagued by biological contamination, can be used to control the whole process of the breeding of microbes in the reverse osmosis system.

Especially for the reverse osmosis systems that are plagued by biological contamination.

RO Membrane Biocide Features:

1). RO Membrane Biocide is non-oxidative biocide that can clear microorganisms fast and effectively prevent all fungi and biological slime from growing and forming on the membrane surface.

2). With a wide pH value range, it has good biodegradable property, making it a relatively non-toxic product. Its main degrading ways is to quickly react with nucleophile and organics without polluting the environment.

3). It is compatible with polyamide film and PVDF film.

4). It is in liquid form and easy to dilute, and enjoys good solubility and stability.

5). Add it during the normal operation, no need of shutdown.

6). It is used as auxiliaries for online cleaning in the reverse osmosis system.

RO Membrane Biocide Physical Properties:

Items Index
Appearance Colorless and transparent liquid
Odor Light odor
PH(10% water solution) 3.0-7.0
Density(20℃) ≥1.05

RO Membrane Biocide Usage:

RO Membrane Biocide is a non-oxidative broad-spectrum inhibitor. Biocide is economically efficient with small dosage and fast efficiency. It ensures bio-free treatment in the whole process.

RO Membrane Biocide membrane element bactericide is a kind of non-oxidizing bactericide and directly acting on the membrane, so the drug adding point needs to be after the pre-treatment and before the security filter, which can reduce the drug consumption and ensure the anti-Infiltration system has a good effect.

The diluted solution should be used in time for the best effects. The dosage should depend on the inlet water quality and the severity of the microorganism. It is calculated by the technical engineer of Unichimica and the professional software according to the water quality.

Quality Guarantee:

12 months at 25℃ in indoor temperature in cool and shady environment.

Packaging:20 kg per barrel (5 gallons).