BABSON AND NOLLER CORPORATION – Chemical Division is a high quality water chemicals supplier and water treatment engineering services provider for multiple organizations within Pakistan and across the border.

We are the main intermediary and sole agent for two companies; Shaanxi Ande Technology Industry Co & Ltd based in China and Innovative Water Technology & Solution Pvt. Ltd operating in Pakistan. With combined expertise of the two companies and our extensive chemical division knowledge and strong connections, together, we are committed to the improvement of water quality, design of system solutions, production, installation and debugging of water treatment equipment in Pakistan.

Our products are widely used in the chemical, iron, steel, electric power, sewage treatment and oil industries. The scope of our projects involve industrial water treatment, municipal water works, direct drinking safe water, domestic and industrial sewage, municipal wastewater treatment works and sea water desalinization amongst many others. Our team is professional, skillful and has a rich experience in design, construction, operation and maintenance of water treatment engineering.

Hence with the backing of Shaanxi Ande Science and Technology’s strong technical advantages, Innovative Water Technology & Solution Pvt. Ltd having the same enterprise capability in Pakistan and our extensive knowledge in the Chemical division, we are well equipped to readily accommodate special requests and meet unique client needs in a timely and efficient manner. For more information about our quality products and services, please feel free to contact us.

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